Here you can find answers to most questions you may have if not shoot us an email to biz@power907.com or use the contact form below!

Is Power907.com office friendly ie: no profanity?

​YES! We play only clean edits so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Stream us at your cubicle in your office or at home, car, or cell without worrying about upsetting your boss or your granny!

Can I stream to my car or home stereo?​

​YES! All you need is to grab the Tunein app HERE and set it to car mode and stream Power907.com from your phone to your car speakers. In your home or work there are several ways to connect and stream Power907.com with media players, computer etc. If you need help setting this up contact us today at biz@power907.com and we can help set you up. ​

Is this station on regular radio can i just go to 90.7 and listen?

NO! We are not on traditional radio! We are an internet radio station meaning you can only find us online through streaming media devices! So you must have an internet connection and streaming player or device such as a cell phone, computer, gaming device, etc capable of streaming our broadcast.

I’m a local artist can I get my music on your station?

NO! We are not currently accepting music from local artists at this time. We will be accepting local artists in the near future for some of our local programming. You can join our free community and post your music there and also be informed as to when we will start accepting submissions for airplay.​

Why do you ask for donations?

Like anything else it costs us money to offer you a good listening experience and a different option for radio. We ask for donations to help us  with streaming costs, fees paid to BMI, ASCAP & SoundExchange that keeps us legal, hosting and other operating costs! This station was started off by one mans love for music and the desire to give you some more diversity in your choice of stations thru today’s technology.  Unlike regular radio stations where you hear the same 9 or 10 songs every hour on every station you tune to, Power907 you wont hear the same song again for at least 8hrs!

​I’m a DJ can I get a show on your station?

YES! Email us a link to your demo mix to biz@power907.com we will review your mix and get back to you. Your demo mix can be dirty, but If we give you a show all mixes aired on Power907 must be radio friendly clean mixes.​​



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